The second RAMONES trials performed with the IST Glider

28 October 2022

The RAMONES partner IST-ID conducted the second trials of their Autonomous Underwater Gliders on the 26th October at the “EXPO Dock“, in Lisbon, Portugal. The major goal was to access the maneuverability of the vehicle performing simple straight lines and arcs submerged but very close to the surface, keeping the GPS antenna out of the water. In the best conditions the turning radius was approximately 15 m and the maximum speed was 0.7 m/s (1.4 knots). These are very promising results and we are all eager to take the next steps in the RAMONES development roadmap, including more trials in this controlled environment. Stay tuned!

Figure 1. Hey ho, let’s go!

Figure 2. The G3 glider in Lisbon waters

Figure 3. A milestone of our project, G3 is tested in the port.


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