Team ENS


The Laboratory of Geology is part of the Department of Geosciences, in association with the Laboratory of Dynamic Meteorology (LMD) at the Ecole Normale Supériere de Paris, which is part of the new University Paris Sciences Lettres (PSL) conglomerate. This Laboratory, composed of ~75 people including ~30 permanent researchers, has broad interests in Earth Science processes, including seismicity and associated hazards, marine geophysics, hydrogeology, and surface processes, combining field, experimental and theoretical approaches. This research also cuts across disciplines, to study the interactions with the fluid envelopes (atmosphere, oceans) with scientists from LMD. The Laboratory is intimately involved in Education and Formation, training young scientists, through the participation in highly competitive undergratuate and graduate (Master’s) programs, and hosting numerous PhD and postdoctoral young researchers.

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