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RAMONES in SEGH 2023 Conference

RAMONES EU is present in the SEGH2023 – 38th International Conference on Geochemistry and Health! On day 3 the Session 3 continued with more innovative data collection methods, from field sampling to Artificial Intelligence. Our team member Konstantina Pyrgaki eagerly presented our poster entitled “Fusing marine radioactivity mapping and geochemical data using state-of-the-art GIS technology“!...

2nd RAMONES webinar “Autonomous Marine Robotics for Collaborative Radioactivity Mapping”

The 2nd RAMONES webinar with title “Autonomous Marine Robotics for Collaborative Radioactivity Mapping” was organized on May 3rd, 2023. The keynote speaker was RAMONES partner Dr. David Cabecinhas (IST-ID, Lisbon) who eagerly presented the work that has been done in the WP2 of our project! Watch the video on the following link and learn more...

RAMONES @LARSyS Annual Meeting

The RAMONES project was presented at the 2022 LARSyS Annual Meeting, held in the Sciences Academy of Lisbonon July 14. The scope of the project was analysed and the instruments that will be developed were presented in a brief overview.

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