18 October 2021

RAMONES partners, from IST-ID (L. Sebastião, D. Cabecinhas, J. Quintas, D. Souto, M. Jacinto, F. Rego) participated  in the “FICA2021, International Science Festival,” from 12-17 October 2021, in Oeiras, Portugal. This festival was the first International Science Festival in Portugal. It was the first edition of an event that was born within the science and technology developed in Portugal and is projected to the world in a groundbreaking way, with a strong commitment to education, culture, and art.

RAMONES pictures of FICA 2021 participation (IST-ID)

The FICA, program presented various areas of science, technology, culture, and art, from health and medicine, through the environment, archeology, to astronomy and artificial intelligence, or even areas such as sports and gastronomy. The schedule included activities for audiences of all ages and is free of charge.

The IST-ID represented RAMONES and showcased the main objectives of the project, as well as the innovative aspects of technology they will bring along in marine robotics and artificial intelligence to an overall interesting event.

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