International Geomorphology Week 2023 and RAMONES field trip

8 March 2023

As part of the “International Geomorphology Week 2023” we would like to inform our followers of our upcoming field campaign in Milos Island. We plan to deploy our prototype instruments to carry out in situ measurements and collect samples for validation purposes in the shallow submarine hydrothermal vent system in the coastal area of SE Milos.

Generally, the hydrothermally influenced marine sediments in SE Milos are characterized by the occurrence of yellow-orange, white, or brown microbial mats and hydrothermal precipitates on the seafloor sediments. These colored sediments are significant for the hydrothermal system, and the different colors may be related to different sediment temperatures range from 45°C to 85 °C). The hydrothermal measurements are going to give some useful results about their spatial distribution, heat fluxes, composition due to the interaction between shallow coastal environment and ecosystem. (Godelitsas et al., 2015)

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